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Replacing Teeth with Dentures

Dentures - Everett WAWhen you are missing teeth, it can feel like a piece of yourself is missing too. Besides the obvious challenges created by the lack of teeth for chewing and brushing, there is the added embarrassment in social settings when you go to smile or speak. Instead of keeping your mouth clamped together tight, let Dr. Tufarolo help you explore your denture options. Dentures can act as replacements for the teeth you are missing. We offer the use of partial or complete dentures. If your teeth have deteriorated past all hope, we can give you a second chance with a brand new set of dentures just as lifelike and beautiful as natural, healthy teeth.

What to Expect with Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are a great solution for patients who want to fill in their smile around their current, healthy teeth. These dentures are placed securely in your mouth using metal clasps or wires. The wires hang on to your healthy teeth and fill in those that are missing. When you are eating, sleeping or ready to brush your teeth, the partial dentures can be easily removed and maintained for ultimate cleanliness.

Everyone wants to know their investment is secure. When you come to Dr. Tufarolo's office we provide our partial denture patients with dentures that are stronger, safer and more comfortable than most anything you would find in a complete denture. If your gums and teeth are healthy, we will examine the shape of your teeth and supply you with a partial denture that fits your needs. All you need is one appliance to fill in the gaps of each arch. If you are missing teeth from the top of your mouth as well as the bottom, one appliance for the top and another for the bottom can even out your smile comfortably and beautifully.

The Advantages of Partial Dentures

When you choose partial dentures there is a chance you might be able to see the metal clasps used to hold the dentures in your mouth. Sometimes patients do not like the look of the metal against their smile while others do not mind. If you are concerned about wires showing, we have a variety of partial dentures that camouflage clasps and even eliminate the need for them all together. Partial dentures make it possible for you to lose teeth that are not healthy enough to stay in your mouth. This is an advantage compared to dental bridges which do not allow unhealthy teeth to let go and make room for a cleaner mouth.

Complete Dentures

If all of the teeth in one arch have been removed, a complete denture set may be what you need to get the bite and smile you want. These dentures completely fill in your smile with white, plastic teeth and a gum-colored plastic that matches your mouth naturally. Thanks to modern dental technology, full dentures have become easier to keep clean, and make chewing, smiling and speaking easy, so that you can enjoy a natural looking, completely capable bite.

If you are concerned about your options for tooth replacement or would like to know more about dentures, please give our office a call today. Call us at 425-405-6400.

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